The Mystery 9/11 Hijacker Photos No One Has Ever Seen

So here’s a mystery. In response to a recent Freedom of Information Act request, the Federal Bureau of Investigation provided Gawker with a curious case file, dated May 2002, indicating the bureau’s acquisition of three photos of 9/11 hijacker Mohamed Atta. The photos, which remain classified, were “recovered from a… » 9/11/13 8:49pm 9/11/13 8:49pm

American companies' shameless 9/11 "tributes" are disgusting

Like every year, some shameless companies exploit the 9/11 anniversary with their alleged heartfelt tributes. It's embarrassingly disgusting, from corporations to small business like this equine spa that shaved the towers on a horse's butt. » 9/11/13 2:00pm 9/11/13 2:00pm

Interview With the Devil, a Dozen Years After 9/11

It was dusk in San Francisco and I was enjoying the rare luxury of a taxicab from the airport, my window halfway open to the foggy cool as we merged onto Highway 101 toward the city. I closed my eyes for a moment, but was jolted awake by a passing siren. And then I saw him, sitting opposite of me, dressed too formally… » 9/11/13 1:03pm 9/11/13 1:03pm