Weiner's sexting partner had unprotected sex with HIV-exposed actor

Sydney Leathers—the latest sexting partner of NYC mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner—may have been exposed to HIV via Xander Corvus—the actor who plays Weiner in Leathers' Weiner porn parody. Just before filming with Leathers, Corvus had unprotected sex with Cameron Bay, who has just tested positive for HIV prompting a… » 8/22/13 1:37pm 8/22/13 1:37pm

Anthony Weiner's communications director calls ex-intern “slutbag”

The non-stop spiral of blunders by NYC Major candidate Anthony Weiner and his cohort continues. In this episode, Weiner's communications director Barbara Morgan calls Olivia Nuzzi—a former intern who slammed Weiner's campaign in the NY Daily News—"fucking slutbag" and "cunt." The good news: no dickshots were sent. » 7/31/13 10:26am 7/31/13 10:26am

NYC Mayor candidate Anthony Weiner caught sexting again

Ex-congressman and New York City mayor candidate Anthony Weiner is facing new allegations of sexting, including sending this—alleged—picture of his penis just a year ago. He argues that all is fine because he knew about them and he and his wife "are focused on moving forward." » 7/23/13 8:30pm 7/23/13 8:30pm