Bird's eye view time lapse shows off Apple's new spaceship campus

Apple’s new campus is in the process of being built right now and it truly does look like a space ship is being constructed in sleepy Cupertino. Here’s the state of things so far, from August 2014 to May 2015, a pile of Mars-colored dirt is being transformed into a closed circle from the future. Pretty cool. And the… »6/09/15 7:59pm6/09/15 7:59pm


Videos: The ridiculous destruction of the Apple Watch

When a new gadget thing comes out that make people fetish after and drop hundreds of dollar bills on and caress in their hands like a puppy, the Internet responds by destroying said gadget thing in the most ridiculous way possible. It’s destruction shock porn and silly and overdone now but smashing dreams is never not… »4/27/15 9:40pm4/27/15 9:40pm

Video: How the stainless steel Apple Watch is made (in Mordor)

Apple has a video showing off how it makes the stainless steel Apple Watch and it looks a lot like they're using Tolkien magic to make the watch's case inside Mount Doom in Mordor. You get to see glimpses of the entire process, from the alloy they use to seeing the molten stages and cold forging and milling and… »3/09/15 5:54pm3/09/15 5:54pm

Pranking people into thinking you're an Apple Store employee is funny

When you walk inside an Apple store and start swiping one of their iPads, a clingy, colorful shirt wearing person usually attaches themselves to you and gives you the verbal rubdown of the features. It's part of the Apple Store experience! But what if that Apple Store employee was a fake? What if they scared you away… »1/31/14 9:00pm1/31/14 9:00pm

Take a Tour Through the Glassy Halls of Apple's Future HQ

We've spent months marveling over the facade of Apple's new headquarters. But now, thanks to these renderings from the City of Cupertino uncovered by Wired, we're getting an idea about the spaces inside the building—and it's hard to decide if it looks more like a futuristic office or a futuristic Apple store. »11/13/13 5:30pm11/13/13 5:30pm

iPad Air: Everything You Need to Know About Apple's Svelte New Tablet

Apple just announced iPad Air, the fifth in its line of (nearly) 10-inch tablets. Last year, Apple's big-boy got a perfunctory upgrade, but this year the iPad's getting a new super skinny design—and a new name—with batch of significant improvements that'll carry it through the next year. Here's what you need to know. »10/22/13 4:46pm10/22/13 4:46pm