The perfect summer house is in a perfect beach in Cádiz, Spain

This is the House of the Infinite in Cádiz, Spain, designed by architect Alberto Campo Baeza. It looks like the sand actually solidified into the house itself. Simple straight lines, simple use of materials, large windows to watch ocean and make the breeze of the Bahía de Cádiz circulate through its interior. Just… » 7/14/14 11:05am 7/14/14 11:05am

Building woven by robot overlords could have been made by aliens

This robotically woven carbon-fiber pavilion imitates the structure of a beetle shell using weaving robots. The 538 square foot (50 square meters), 1307 pounds (593 kilograms) double-domed structure has web-like walls and ceilings that make it look as it was made by xenomorphs. This is how they made it. » 6/27/14 6:43am 6/27/14 6:43am

World's northernmost big city is a brutal mosaic of color and pollution

Welcome to Norilsk, Russia. With 175,365 citizens, it's the northernmost big city in the world. The architecture is brutal, it's highly polluted, and it's freezing cold all year round. Yet its geometric and colorful shapes make it an oddly pleasing sight—at least as captured from the air by photographer Slava Stepanov. » 6/18/14 11:38am 6/18/14 11:38am

Desert house looks like Mars outpost outside and Game of Thrones inside

The Desert House—designed by Ken Kellogg and located in the Joshua Tree National Park—looks like a retro futuristic science fiction set outside. Inside it is the kind of place I imagine as Khaleesi's holiday home, where she goes to chill out with her dragons. I want to call this style space age medieval futurism. » 5/29/14 12:33pm 5/29/14 12:33pm

This may be the most awesome image of the kids who hang from buildings

This is awesome. Not awesome as hot dogs, but awesome in the real sense of the word: "extremely impressive or daunting; inspiring great admiration, apprehension, or fear." Say whatever you want about Mustang Wanted and his friends. Call him crazy, insane, borderline suicidal—like you did in the comments here—I don't… » 5/16/14 12:05pm 5/16/14 12:05pm

Living in this nuclear shelter for 1,000 people looks like a nightmare

This abandoned Cold War bomb shelter in Kaliningrad, Russia—photographed by Andrei Pep Novozhilov—looks horrible now. But even if it were new, surviving a nuclear holocaust in this claustrophobic space with 1,000 other humans sounds like a real nightmare—even worse than being vaporized. » 4/29/14 3:34pm 4/29/14 3:34pm

Insane tower design launches people on an awesome roller coaster loop

This 328-foot (100-meter) structure wasn't the winner of the Çanakkale Antenna contest, a communications tower that will be built in Çanakkale, Turkey. This makes me sad because it looks like a lot more fun to me, even if those glass pods wouldn't move through that loop at roller coaster speeds. » 3/02/14 2:44am 3/02/14 2:44am

Which famous villain had the biggest and baddest secret headquarters?

It sucks to be a villain. Not just because you're destined to lose to the hero but because when you do lose, you lose everything, including your stupid awesome villain hideout slash lair slash headquarters. Why couldn't you just lose a little bit and get to keep rolling around in the Death Star? Why can't I live in my… » 1/29/14 4:57pm 1/29/14 4:57pm