President wannabe Ted Cruz impersonates Darth Vader, talks Green Eggs

Ted Cruz—a rabid anti-Obamacare Republican Senator from Texas and 2016 Presidential candidate wannabe—has been talking non stop for more than 20 hours in the Senate, in a futile try to stop a bill he supports. In the process, the multi-talented Cruz is saying a lot of things, like "my father invented Green Eggs and… »9/25/13 10:27am9/25/13 10:27am

Rich Couple Pays $50K for Kids' Finger Painting, Then Sues for $500,000

Investment banker Jon Heinemann and his Betty Draper wife are suing their children's private school for $500,000 in damages. They felt swindled by the school during the auction of a finger painting made by kids, for which they paid $50,000. Their lawsuit claims that a teacher artificially inflated the bidding process. »6/30/13 10:05pm6/30/13 10:05pm