Car for soccer moms and FBI agents has 6 USB ports and 6 power outlets

This horrible new tank—the shamelessly named 2015 Chevy Suburban—is the only car with six USB ports and six power outlets. Doesn't that sound stupidly overkill? Not in suburban America! Just imagine all those kids playing Candy Crush on their iPads while they are not using the USB ports for their surveillance… » 9/12/13 12:57pm 9/12/13 12:57pm

Isn't this the most beautiful hybrid car ever created? (But of course)

The new Porsche 918 Spyder has just been unveiled at the Frankfurt Motor Show. Not only it can do up to 94 miles per gallon, but this 887-horsepower überhybrid pulverized every production car speed record at the Nürburgring circuit. An incredibly beautiful beast. » 9/10/13 10:17am 9/10/13 10:17am

10-Year-Old Grandson Drives Drunk Grandma Home, Gets Arrested

Brenda Byrd (left) and her friend (right) got wasted last Tuesday night. Instead of driving her SUV back to her home in Kenner, Louisiana, she made her ten-year-old grandson drive the car. The police noticed the slow car, stopping and arresting Brenda for "contributing to the delinquency of a juvenile and allowing an… » 6/13/13 1:19pm 6/13/13 1:19pm