Hilarious photos make Oscar nominees pose with their younger selves

This is great. The geniuses at People Magazine stitched together pictures of celebrities posing with younger versions of themselves. Think Oscar winner Matthew McConaughey was always such a fine actor? You must've forgot about his goofy haircut! Only remember Leonardo DiCaprio and Christian Bale as superbly talented?… »3/03/14 11:09pm3/03/14 11:09pm

What famous celebrities would look like if they had tattoos

Tattoos don't have the same stigma as they once did but we're still a bit away from having body art painted on the sleeves of politicians or on the necks of princesses. I wish they were though. These photoshopped images of famous people covered in tattoos are so great that I wish it was real life. How hilarious would… »2/27/14 1:40am2/27/14 1:40am

Celebrities looked like they time traveled in these 1860's photographs

Whenever you look at vintage photographs taken using old methods, there's always a certain haunting quality about them. The life captured is so still, the eyes always seem so dark. It's almost joyless. Photographer Victoria Will wanted to see how old photographs would translate with modern people so she used an 1860's… »2/21/14 7:51pm2/21/14 7:51pm

These photos prove that celebrities today look exactly like old celebs

If you ever thought that Scarlett Johansson looked like Marilyn Monroe or that George Clooney reminded you of Cary Grant or that certain celebrities today make you think of famous people from years past, you're not crazy. It's true. Beautiful famous people look like beautiful famous people, no matter the era. And… »12/26/13 5:31pm12/26/13 5:31pm

New game lets people watch Ellen Page naked from every angle

Perverted nerds and insufferable indie movie lovers everywhere are really excited right now, for someone has discovered a way to watch Ellen Page's totally naked, even changing the camera angle to focus on all her naughty bits. It's not the real Ellen, though, but her virtual body in the new video game Beyond: Two… »10/14/13 3:53pm10/14/13 3:53pm

Sinéad O'Connor Begs Miley Cyrus to Stop "Prostituting" Herself

Sinéad O'Connor recently wrote Miley Cyrus begging the ex-Disney star to stop allowing herself to be pimped out by the music industry. Cyrus recently said that her Wrecking Ball video was inspired by the Irish songstress's Nothing Compares 2 U. So, Sinéad's basically your Jameson-chugging, slut-shaming, older sister. »10/03/13 10:17am10/03/13 10:17am