Watching fighter jets burn through the night is pure awesome

I can pretty much watch these fighter jets rip through the runway at night forever. I mean, what is more awesome than seeing city lights blur and afterburners shoot out fiery power? This footage comes from The Aviationist and includes all kind of fighter jets burning rubber at the Nellis Air Force Base near Las Vegas,… » 4/16/15 6:44pm Thursday 6:44pm

The top 10 coolest scenes from The Matrix trilogy

The Matrix was one of the best sci-fi action movies of all time and the rest of the trilogy had some of the most outrageously awesome action sequences ever, even if the movies themselves didn't reach the levels of the original. Basically, The Matrix trilogy is responsible for a lot of awesome moments in film history.… » 4/16/15 5:50pm Thursday 5:50pm

The entire human evolution is condensed in these stunning opening titles

Watching the stunning opening titles of the FITC Toronto 2015—a conference for digital creators of all kinds—is like watching the life of the whole of humanity flash before your eyes. The video—created by motion graphics artist Will Reid—sums up human evolution in three minutes full of pure eye candy. » 4/15/15 2:25pm Wednesday 2:25pm

This epic Daredevil hallway fight scene was filmed in a single take

Netflix's new TV show Daredevil is supposed to be fantastic . I haven't watched it yet but judging from this super long fight scene that was filmed entirely in a single take, I just might start tonight. I like the fight scene because it's choreographed perfectly and even though there were points where… » 4/14/15 6:53pm Tuesday 6:53pm

Slow motion video of firing a RPG shows the massive back blast off

Here's footage from Vickers Tactical showing what firing a RPG-7 looks like in slow motion. It's like a rocket launch, only turned horizontal. The back blast off is so huge that it might be just as bad to stand directly behind the RPG as it would be to stand it front of it. Okay, maybe not. But still. » 4/13/15 1:14pm 4/13/15 1:14pm

Awesome photo of the V-22 Osprey at night makes it look so eerie

Man, this is such a cool shot of the awesome tilt-rotor aircraft, the V-22 Osprey. The crazy flying machine is on a US Navy ship at night and the way it's illuminated and glowing in the dark makes me think it's about to dive into some sort of dark underworld mission inspired from The Grid or something. » 4/10/15 4:08pm 4/10/15 4:08pm

Watch this sorcerous liquid substance start swirling in crazy patterns

I don't know what's happening here but it's a visual trip show and we can thank science for it. It's the recrystallization of impure 4-hydroxybenzaldehyde being dunked into ice water. You can see the compound inside the flask transform from a liquid at room temperature to a flurry, swirly, milky substance as it… » 4/10/15 2:55pm 4/10/15 2:55pm

A clever cup trick that will make you want to play dress-up again

I've never been too keen on playing dress-up but this clever cup trick made me change my mind. It's very easy to make, works like a charm, and you can create your own characters—which is what makes it exciting. You just need a few transparent plastic cups, a permanent marker, and some basic drawing skills. » 4/09/15 6:17am 4/09/15 6:17am

Here's everything you need to know before Game of Thrones Season Five

Game of Thrones is coming back for Season Five this Sunday, April 12th. Do you remember everything that happened in seasons 1 through 4? Probably not since you probably don't even know how to pronounce every character's name. Catch up with everything you need to remember before the premiere in the video below » 4/08/15 2:51pm 4/08/15 2:51pm

The weirdest (and coolest) ceremonial first pitch I've ever seen 

When Genki Sudo and his dance crew World Order were invited to throw the ceremonial first pitch at a Japanese baseball game in Japan the crowd expected to see one of his famous robotic choreographies, and he didn't disappoint them—well, maybe the actual throw could have been much better. Check it out: » 4/08/15 9:13am 4/08/15 9:13am

This beautiful song was made using the shape of the mountains as notes

These guys took a bunch of images from different peaks of Los Andes—the longest continental mountain range in the world located in the western coast of South America—drew a staff over them, and marked the peaks as notes. An orchestra played this random composition and the result is surprisingly beautiful. » 4/08/15 8:13am 4/08/15 8:13am

Touching Pixar compilation video makes me want to rewatch all the movies

Don't watch this excellent compilation video of Pixar movies if you have work you want to get done or plans for fun in the next few days. Because after you watch it, you'll want to re-watch every single Pixar movie that has ever been made immediately. Just kidding, you'll want to watch every Pixar movie except for Cars » 4/07/15 5:11pm 4/07/15 5:11pm

Video: Inside the studio of amazing papercraft illustrators

Lobulo Design is a team that specializes in making awesome designs and illustrations with paper. This video gives you a glimpse of what they do on a daily basis and it basically looks like an awesome arts and craft class for professional artists. Imagine never having to grow up and just playing with scissors all… » 4/07/15 3:41pm 4/07/15 3:41pm