At last, Mars Curiosity finally reaches its destination

This is it. Curiosity has reached its prime destination. After a brilliant conception, an amazing landing, and two years of continuous travel, the rover is now at the base of Aeolis Mons—aka Mount Sharp—a mountain that rises 18,000 feet (5.5 kilometers) at the center of Gale Crater. This is where the real fun begins. »9/11/14 2:53pm9/11/14 2:53pm

Why has Curiosity slowed down its course during its first Mars year?

The Mars Curiosity Rover has completed its first Mars year in the Red Planet—687 Earth days exploring and drilling on its way to its first destination—Murray Buttes. Overall, it's been a Mars year full of successes, even if we haven't found proof of life in Mars yet. But the rover has slowed down significantly. Why? »6/24/14 12:05pm6/24/14 12:05pm

Amazing find: Mars' soil is full of water, search for life continues

Amazing news from Mars: Curiosity has found that each cubic foot of the planet's soil contains two pints of liquid water. One liter, people_._ It's not a sea or a lake—the water molecules are actually bound to the soil itself—but that's really amazing news, and a good omen in the search for life in the Red Planet. »9/26/13 7:03pm9/26/13 7:03pm