Short film: R2-D2 adorably falls in love with a blue mailbox

Say it with me: awwwww. In a story that's a little like the first hour of Wall-E, this short film, Artoo In Love by Evan Atherton, tells a cute love story of R2-D2 and a blue mailbox. R2 starts holding picnics with it, zaps away people who want to mail things and holds an umbrella over its head when it rains. » 3/31/15 2:00pm Yesterday 2:00pm

Watch more cute monster animation drawings get inserted into daily life

I just love the fake cartoon reality that augmented reality artist Marty Cooper creates within our world because his character drawings pack so much personality that I just want them to be real. Here he is with part three in his Aug(de)mented Reality series, which splices crazy cute monster drawings into normal… » 3/24/15 9:13am 3/24/15 9:13am

This is the cutest (and possibly smallest) 3D printed drill in the world

Lance Abernethy, a maintenance engineer from Auckland, New Zealand, 3D printed a cordless drill that measures 0.67 inches (17mm) tall, 0.27 inches (7.5mm) wide, and 0.5 inches (13mm) long and holds a 0.02 inches (0.5mm) twist drill. Not happy with that, he is already working on a smaller version. » 3/19/15 9:33am 3/19/15 9:33am

Sesame Street perfectly parodies House of Cards

Though only parents and maybe a handful of Underwoodian kids watching would understand the parody, Sesame Street pretty much nailed House of Cards in a skit about the Three Little Pigs. Frank Underwolf stars and recreates the same feel of the political drama—soliloquies, southern accent, plotting, etc.—only with… » 2/23/15 8:49pm 2/23/15 8:49pm

Watch kids get grossed out by breakfast foods from around the world

Kids are cute and also hilariously picky eaters so they're pretty perfect for this experiment by Cut Video that makes them eat different breakfast foods from all across the world. It's fun to see how they react and also interesting to see what different countries eat for breakfast. » 2/10/15 6:17pm 2/10/15 6:17pm

Cute miniature kitchen allows you to cook tiny breakfast on tiny pans

This is what 8-year-old boys do when they're told to slap a girl

The public service announcement is emotionally manipulative and strategically pulls at the most basic things everyone likes (cute kids! young love!) and might even be scripted and is definitely edited nicely but still, the message is something that even children know to be true: Domestic violence is not okay. » 1/08/15 9:51pm 1/08/15 9:51pm

What it must be like being inside a kid's imagination

Here's a cute video that I hope turns into an entire series: imagining what's inside a kid's, well, imagination. The video starts off with the toddler waving a stick as he runs around (as kids tend to do) and then transforms into a level of Super Mario Bros. Being a kid is awesome. We just see the stick, they see… » 1/08/15 2:17am 1/08/15 2:17am

Cute love story animated completely with latte art

Latte art is great for making you feel a little bit special in the beginning of the day and absolutely necessary for any hashtag coffee Instagram post but it turns out, latte art also makes for a cute way to tell a stop motion animation love story too. Follow along this spot that uses 1,000 cups of latte to show love. » 12/26/14 10:46pm 12/26/14 10:46pm

Watching dogs eat with human hands never gets old or less hilarious

I've seen videos of pets eating with human hands before, but I don't care. This holiday dinner party with 13 dogs and a cat has to be the best. More, please! » 12/17/14 7:24am 12/17/14 7:24am

Watch a puppy grow into a full grown dog in 23 seconds

Meet Sophia. She's an adorable Rhodesian Ridgeback who is featured in this time lapse that shows her grow from a 2-month-old puppy to a full grown 3-year-old dog. The whole time lapse only lasts 23 seconds. Sophia's humans totally should have joined in on the picture taking fun. » 12/11/14 1:44am 12/11/14 1:44am

Short film: What happens when plastic toys go to war

This wonderfully made animation plays up war as something that's actually fun. There are guns that shoot out flowers and grenades that are actually caramel apple lollipops. But because war is actually a horrific thing, the short film takes a dark turn. If only it were always flowers and lollipops. » 11/26/14 11:49pm 11/26/14 11:49pm

Puppy in a teddy bear costume walking on a treadmill is a real life Ewok

Meet Munchkin the Shih Tzu. Or as I like to call her when she's wearing her teddy bear costume, a real life Ewok from Star Wars. Or maybe she's just a real life teddy bear. Whatever she is, she's super cute and when I watch her walk, I can't help but smile. » 11/26/14 12:49am 11/26/14 12:49am

Tiny hamster eating too much tiny Thanksgiving food is just so cute

I love Thanksgiving. Family and food and football and more food and Fall and friends and even more food. And though all of that makes me smile, nothing captures the essence of holiday better than this tiny hamster: it ate so much tiny Thanksgiving food that you can see the guilt and worry on its face. » 11/18/14 11:10pm 11/18/14 11:10pm

I can't wait to watch Disney's new short about a cute dog who loves food

Disney just released a teaser trailer for the new animation short Feast that will premiere right before Big Hero 6 and it's just adorable. I mean, does life get better than seeing a lovable dog happily gulp down delicious food? Yeah, I didn't think so. » 10/16/14 5:51pm 10/16/14 5:51pm

The meaning of life explained by third graders

A trio of 9 year olds and a 6 year old helped Prince Ea come up with this lovely stop motion animation video that uses their illustrations to answer the meaning of life. » 10/01/14 12:02am 10/01/14 12:02am

Escape from demolishing fire proves that cats have nine lives

Legend says that cats have nine lives. Science says that's superstition based on uncanny reflexes and amazing flexibility. Whatever. Looking at this video of the fire of the Towers Hotel—a historic hotel in Dauphin, Manitoba—I'm saying nine damn lives and scientists can go poop in a litter box for all I care. » 9/22/14 6:33pm 9/22/14 6:33pm

There's NOTHING cuter than these puppies swimming underwater

OK people, stop doing whatever the hell you're doing. Stop working, stop eating, stop loving or hating. Stop. Stop and watch these perfect OMFGAFASDGASDGHJDFG photos of puppies swimming underwater by Seth Casteel. Because nothing else matters, really. Nothing. Nothing but puppies. » 9/12/14 6:29am 9/12/14 6:29am

Girl transforms her mouth into cute famous characters with just makeup

Makeup artist Laura Jenkinson uses makeup to create adorable cartoon characters from our childhood on her mouth. It's so creative, she uses her lips as a guide to draw the funny faces in. And it's so perfect, the cartoons look like they're just hanging out on her face. » 8/19/14 9:34pm 8/19/14 9:34pm

This convenience store must be the cutest shop ever created

This is The Cornershop, the brainchild of British artist Lucy Sparrow: A convenience store located in Bethnal Green, east London, in which every product is a hand-sewn felt version of its real life counterpart. From canned foods to ice cream to candy to magazines, there are 4,000 products in total. » 8/05/14 6:15pm 8/05/14 6:15pm