When will the Universe end and how?

Physicist Dr. Dave Goldberg tries to give an answer to a complex scientific question on io9: When will the Universe end? And how? There are still many theories, but one timeline seems likely. Not that I care too much beyond pure curiosity—it all feels too far away compared to the certain and nearness of our own end. » 10/29/13 12:32pm 10/29/13 12:32pm

Newly discovered asteroid could hit Earth in 2032

Shutdown, Obamacare, Syria... who cares—while Humanity wastes time in political shitslinging and unnecessary wars, a team of Ukranian astronomers have discovered a massive asteroid that has a real chance of hitting Earth in 2032 with apocalyptical consequences. It's the second time in history that an asteroid makes it… » 10/17/13 12:42pm 10/17/13 12:42pm

Yikes: Another 20 asteroid chunks now approaching Earth

Astronomers in Spain have located the band of asteroids that was home to the massive chunk of rock that exploded over Russia in February. And they've discovered some very scary news: Another 20 huge chunks of those asteroids could soon slam into Earth. » 8/06/13 1:54pm 8/06/13 1:54pm

Carbon Dioxide Levels Reach Three Million-Year High

A jaunty road sign on the path to apocalypse was passed today, as the level of carbon dioxide in our planet's air reached a level last seen long before mankind existed. Take a deep breath. Enjoy that air. Soon, you'll be breathing water. » 5/10/13 3:09pm 5/10/13 3:09pm