These eerie millipedes glow in the dark because of stress

We all have our own different coping mechanisms when it comes to stress. A nice walk outside. A cold beer. A punching bag. Blowing up at your friends. And glowing in the dark. What? Scientists believe that these millipedes evolved to glow in the dark to deal with stress (and to let predators now that they’re packing… » 5/18/15 10:25am 5/18/15 10:25am

The entire human evolution is condensed in these stunning opening titles

Watching the stunning opening titles of the FITC Toronto 2015—a conference for digital creators of all kinds—is like watching the life of the whole of humanity flash before your eyes. The video—created by motion graphics artist Will Reid—sums up human evolution in three minutes full of pure eye candy. » 4/15/15 2:25pm 4/15/15 2:25pm

Water droplets jump off a gecko's skin like popping popcorn

Geckos have a neat superpower that allows it to stay dry at all times: water droplets basically get catapulted off their skin like popping popcorn. It's pretty nuts to see the water launch in the air like that and also pretty gross to think of it as the sort of human equivalent of shooting out sweat from our bodies. » 3/11/15 9:55pm 3/11/15 9:55pm

Neat video shows the evolution of Batman movies over the last 70 years

Editor Jacob T. Swinney put together this cool video showing the evolution of Batman from the 1943 serial to Nolan's blockbusters. Many things have changed: The suit, the vehicles, or even the psychological approach to the character. But others, like people's interest on this superhero, remain exactly the same. » 2/09/15 6:59am 2/09/15 6:59am

These walking fish raised out of water on land help explain evolution

We know that hundreds of millions of years ago that fish left the water and eventually evolved into land animals. But what if we could see it happen right now? We sort of can. Scientists are raising fish to survive outside of water and to walk on land and they're changing right before our eyes. » 8/27/14 11:47pm 8/27/14 11:47pm

A simple chart shows how the dogs we love today evolved from a wolf

How did we get from wolves to dogs of all sizes? How do pugs and chihuahuas and pit bulls and English bulldogs and German shepherds and so forth all come from the big Grey Wolf? Evolution! We domesticated wolves by adopting cubs and feeding them and slowly changing their habits. Over generations, the wolves changed… » 1/17/14 8:43pm 1/17/14 8:43pm

This amazing fruit fly evolved to have pictures of ants on its wings

This is unbelievable, but the fruit fly G tridens has somehow evolved to have what looks like pictures of ants on its wings. Seriously, its transparent wings have an ant design on them complete with "six legs, two antennae, a head, thorax and tapered abdomen." It's nature's evolutionary art painted on a fly's wings. » 11/08/13 9:05pm 11/08/13 9:05pm

Did we become the humans we are today because of snakes?

Did you know that there's a theory of human evolution that says humans and primates' brains and visual systems developed to detect and avoid snakes? "There is new evidence to back up this unusual theory, which explains both our agile minds and our uncanny ability to sense the presence of snakes", explains Joseph… » 10/29/13 5:34pm 10/29/13 5:34pm