Showing off on social media is a stupid game

If life was a video game right now, it'd be a pretty terrible one. That's because it'd just be levels of Facebooks and Twitters and Instagrams and social networks that would encourage us to pimp our lives for likes. And push us to hashbrag what we do. And to make sure the world sees our selfies. Team follow back.… » 12/09/14 11:37pm 12/09/14 11:37pm

These illustrations perfectly make fun of our obsession with Facebook

Everybody uses Facebook even if you don't. Artist Pawel Kuczynski played on the idea of our obsession with the social network and people's behavior while using it and how Facebook treats its users in these perfectly on point satirical illustrations. They take Facebook's logo and twist it into something else. » 9/24/14 7:00pm 9/24/14 7:00pm

Did you know Facebook doesn't know your password?

Did you know that Facebook, Apple, or Google don't know your password? They just don't store it in their databases so hackers can't retrieve it in case they manage to break in. But if you're the only person who actually knows your password... how the hell do they know you are typing the right password to let you in? » 8/06/14 10:48am 8/06/14 10:48am

Facebook Removes Privacy Setting, So Anyone Can Find Your Profile

Very soon, any Facebook user you haven't blocked will be able to search for your name and find your Facebook profile. It's Google for people and you're just a result. Only no one would know that this is a big change by the way Facebook describes it in its blog post. Ho-hum, just "finishing the removal of an old search… » 10/10/13 6:53pm 10/10/13 6:53pm

Science Shows Men and Women Are Both Awful Stereotypes on Facebook

What you're looking at here is the largest analysis of the words we use on Facebook ever undertaken. Look at the words. They are you. If you're a man, you care about "fucking metal fuck girlfriend league wishes." Ladies, you're partial to "shopping excited love cute dress yayyyy." Blame yourself. » 10/02/13 8:15am 10/02/13 8:15am

NSA surveillance scandal: Major legal site shuts down over spying

A legal website used by attorneys to privately discuss case law is shutting down after 10 years because the owner no longer feels the site's users are protected from government spying. After federal threats led to the closure of several secure email providers, the publisher of Groklaw closed her own operation last… » 8/20/13 1:31pm 8/20/13 1:31pm

Teen May Get Eight Years In Prison for Sarcastic Facebook Comment

Justin Carter may get eight years in prison after someone called the cops following a distasteful Facebook comment. The 18-year-old Carter said "Oh yeah, I'm real messed up in the head, I'm going to go shoot up a school full of kids and eat their still, beating hearts." The father claims he was joking and has no guns. » 6/27/13 6:10pm 6/27/13 6:10pm

Hacker Group Retaliates By Leaking Secret NSA Documents

In response to PRISM—the NSA and top tech companies' spy network to capture all your calls, photos, videos and files—hacker group Anonymous has published 13 secret US government's secret documents. These include documents about PRISM and the Department of Defense's Strategic Vision for controlling the internet. » 6/07/13 10:07am 6/07/13 10:07am

Facebook Does Care About Sex Trafficking -- If They're Shamed Into Caring

This week, Facebook earned a lot of good press when they decided to finally adjust their community standards. Previously, photos of breastfeeding women would get deleted after one or two people reported them as inappropriate, while entire Facebook pages promoting violence against women and rape went unchallenged, no… » 6/06/13 5:29pm 6/06/13 5:29pm

Facebook Outrage: Sex Slave Pages, Fired Do-Gooders and a Musical Too

Despite Facebook's public promise to crack down on hate speech and misogyny, there's still plenty of ugly stuff on the world's most popular social network—this Facebook page about prostitutes in the brothels of Kolkata is the latest outrage. A do-gooder bus driver lost his job for mentioning a hungry student on… » 6/05/13 3:27pm 6/05/13 3:27pm