Here's the surprisingly old school way that an NFL football is made

Super Bowl Sunday is only a few days away and all anyone really wants to talk about is deflated footballs. We don't care about any of that. We just like to see how things get made. Here's a NY Times video that shows you the inside of a Wilson Football Factory. They get sewed together, flipped inside out, stitched,… »1/28/15 11:58pm1/28/15 11:58pm


All of Peyton Manning's record breaking touchdown passes in one chart

Data Looks Dope's Max Einstein just made this visualization that charts every touchdown pass that Peyton Manning, who is now the record holder for TD passes, has thrown in his career. Yep, all 510 of them (so far). It shows the distance of each pass along with the receiver who caught it from 1998 to October 19, 2014. »10/21/14 12:11am10/21/14 12:11am

This video about winter makes me feel colder than winter itself

It's 70 degrees where I am right now but I'm shivering. I have goosebumps all over my body and my teeth are chattering and I swore I just saw my own breath. I want to put on my winter coat and scarf and earmuffs and gloves. Why? Because I just watched this frigidly beautiful video directed by Oliver Würffell. It's… »2/11/14 8:13pm2/11/14 8:13pm

Cute animation explains everything you need to know about NFL football

Because we are in the US, I'm not going to call football "American Football" or whatever other people call our version of not-soccer outside of the USA. It's football here. That's the end of it. But I get it. To people who know football as some other thing or don't care to know our football as anything, the sport… »1/22/14 6:43pm1/22/14 6:43pm

Football player stays in the game despite dangerous knock-out tackle

Yesterday night, Vanderbilt receiver Jordan Matthews was hit so hard in the game against Ole Miss that he started to vomit, which may indicate serious damage. Medical practice and common sense says players should get out of the game and get thoroughly examined, but he kept playing because "[his] team needed [him]." »8/30/13 10:35am8/30/13 10:35am