Hitting a piñata while ziplining is like a real life video game

This looks incredibly fun. Filmed by the good times having Devin Super Tramp, it shows people hitting a piñata while ziplining. It's a good excuse to have a whack at things while zipping on by but also looks like a fun video game happening in real life. » 1/13/15 10:14pm 1/13/15 10:14pm

New trailer for Star Citizen shows our space dreams come true

Star Citizen's new trailer claims all the footage is taken from the in-game engine, no pre-renderings, but it is so amazing, so detailed and beautiful, so impossibly complex, that I just can't believe it. If it is really this way, I will buy a PC, an Oculus Rift, and disappear forever from the face of the Earth. It is… » 12/23/14 6:47am 12/23/14 6:47am

I would gladly pay real money for this fake retro Kill Bill game

I'm ready to pay my $2.99 for this Kill Bill game, which looks like a Kung-Fu Master/Shinobi hybrid. Heck, I would pay $2.99 for Volume 1 and $2.99 for Volume 2. Too bad we can't: It's just one of those videos for imaginary 8-bit retro arcade games by those cockteases at Cinefix. Bastards. Watch, want, and welp. » 6/24/14 5:10pm 6/24/14 5:10pm

Infinite loop marble machines

These beautiful machines serve no purpose apart from conveying marbles around a closed loop and being an absolute pleasure to watch—and they excel at both. » 6/11/14 10:07am 6/11/14 10:07am

The sci-fi landscapes of Destiny

Add Destiny—the new game from the developers of Halo—to the list of games I would like to play forever with an Oculus Rift. The depth of these worlds seems amazing. » 4/28/14 8:03pm 4/28/14 8:03pm

Chalk that can draw deadly weapons look fun until they kill you

Screw playing Call of Duty or Halo or Titanfall or any next generation video game, I want this Chalk Warfare game where you draw your own weapons and fight your friends to become real. Your weapons are only limited by your imagination and well, your drawing skills. » 4/17/14 9:57pm 4/17/14 9:57pm

Magic pinball gets perfectly stuck between a bumper and kicker forever

You can play a pinball machine forever and not have a pinball hit at a more perfect angle than this. Look at it bounce back and forth and back and forth and back and forth forever between a bumper and kicker. If only every pinball game was so easy. According to YouTube user lilmul123, this went on for a few minutes… » 4/04/14 8:53pm 4/04/14 8:53pm

Get this precious retro Hobbit game into my iPad right now

I fondly remember one of the very first games I played on the Sinclair ZX Spectrum: The Hobbit, a text adventure with crude illustrations that was probably made in BASIC. It was crap. But this Hobbit game looks great. So good that it makes me hate the Cinefix guys for making these awesome videos without actually… » 4/01/14 3:46pm 4/01/14 3:46pm

Believe the hype: Titanfall is an incredibly fun game

Tina Amini writes the Kotaku review for Titanfall, the game that everyone is talking about. Her verdict: Believe the hype. It's really awesome and fun and awesomely fun. I love the idea of being in a post-apocalyptic world driving a giant robot—and having infinite lives. » 3/13/14 12:59pm 3/13/14 12:59pm


Kotaku's Kirk Hamilton is excited for Evolve, a game that pits four hunters against a monster, all played by humans. I don't blame him. It looks pretty damn awesome and fun. » 2/11/14 3:15pm 2/11/14 3:15pm

The only better thing than a giant Lego spaceship is a real spaceship

My favorite Lego constructions are spaceships—precise models that fire my imagination better than any illustration. The 7-foot-long Lego UNSC Spirit of Fire by Mark Kelso is an example of the perfect Lego spaceship. The detail in this thing is absolutely insane. I'm not surprised that it took four (FOUR!) years to… » 2/03/14 11:18pm 2/03/14 11:18pm

9 facts about the Olympics that you probably don't know

The Olympics are coming! The Olympics are coming! And even if it's only the Winter Olympics, it's still fun to see countries who know nothing about each other put on colorful spandex to beat each other up for medals. But did you know that the gold medal is actually made from silver? Or that the bronze medal is only… » 2/03/14 9:13pm 2/03/14 9:13pm

This new Super Mario game makes me want to get a Nintendo again

The new Super Mario 3D World game really looks like fun. Probably not as fun as the original Mario games, but _a lot. _Enough to make me want to buy a Nintendo and play it. » 10/24/13 6:57pm 10/24/13 6:57pm

This retro adventure game version of the The Shining is so good

I love CineFix retro game versions of movies. Their 1990s Maniac Mansion style remake of Stanley Kubrick's The Shining is begging for a real version for iPad. I want to play it. Badly. » 10/17/13 6:35pm 10/17/13 6:35pm

You can be a female criminal in Grand Theft Auto Online

Good news for gender equality! You can be badass female criminal in the new Grand Theft Auto V Online. Bad news for gender equality! Badass female criminals wear tiny white tops and denim miniskirts. » 10/01/13 10:00am 10/01/13 10:00am

People have been addicted to this stupid game for seventeen years now

Pokemon. I remember playing it a couple times and it was more boring than C-SPAN. But it's one of the most popular games in history. People have been playing this video game—which started as a card game—for seventeen years now. Insane. » 9/24/13 9:29am 9/24/13 9:29am

Parents who buy Grand Theft Auto V for their kids suck

Most parents will never let kids go watch an R-rated movie. But, according to this video game retail veteran, they have no problem letting them play the M-rated—the game world equivalent to R-rated—Grand Theft Auto V. In fact, they're buying it for them. Good parenting, America! » 9/23/13 7:53pm 9/23/13 7:53pm

Review: Grand Theft Auto V is a crime simulation masterpiece

Finally, Grand Theft Auto V is here. The Kotaku review says that this crime simulation game set in a fictionalized Los Angeles is truly amazing. The realism is exquisitely gritty, the attention to detail staggering, and the story is a roller coaster. Kids, remember that pretending to be a criminal is a lot of fun… » 9/16/13 12:14pm 9/16/13 12:14pm