Awesome Grandpa Shames Daughter After She Disowns Her Gay Son

Is there anything in the world better than a very wise and supportive and loving grandparent? Answer: maybe pizza, but probably not. As proof of this, I offer up an extremely moving letter that was posted on FUCKH8's Facebook page, in which a nameless grandfather berates his daughter for kicking her gay son out of… »10/03/13 12:19pm10/03/13 12:19pm


Ask the International Olympic Commitee to ban the Russian Winter Games

It's time to stop pussyfooting around and ban the Russian Winter Olympics. The world can't celebrate them in a country ran by a fascist who actively promotes gay hate and a population that attacks and kills them without punishment. It's like Hitler's 1936 Olympics all over again, says Stephen Fry. He's right. »8/07/13 1:49pm8/07/13 1:49pm

Russian Olympics: Athletes and spectators to be jailed gay "crimes"

Russia, a fascist state that's armed with enough nuclear weapons to easily kill everyone on Earth, is also a country that legally and officially hates homosexuals and anything that could be considered (by a bigot) to be pro-gay. At next year's Winter Olympics, visitors and foreign athletes will be subject to the same… »8/01/13 4:27pm8/01/13 4:27pm