A spider crawled inside this man's body for three days (updated)

An Australia man's vacation to Bali took a dark turn last week after he discovered a painful red line forming above his belly button. At first, doctors told 21-year-old Dylan Thomas that it was just an insect bite. Then the line started to grow and the horror was obvious: It was a spider burrowed into his belly. »10/16/14 4:23pm10/16/14 4:23pm

World's first climate-controlled neighborhood to be built in Dubai

Dubai has unveiled plans for the world's first indoor, climate-controlled neighborhood—a 450-hectare city area with a retractable glass roof and the world's largest shopping center. This sounds to me like the hell on earth but I better get used to it: Every major city will probably be like this by the end of the… »7/10/14 12:49pm7/10/14 12:49pm

Rocks rain over Sumatra as terrible volcano keeps erupting

The situation in Sumatra is getting worse: Mount Sinabung erupted eight times in just a few hours on Sunday. The volcano's continuing eruptions cover everything with ash and now officials have reported rocks raining down over a large area, forcing thousands to flee their homes. These new images show the ongoing drama. »11/25/13 11:25am11/25/13 11:25am

This domestic spider can liquify your flesh with one bite

To the right: the necrotized ear of a 22-year-old dutch woman who just came from vacation in Italy. To the left: the common spider who liquefied its flesh and cartilague with one bite, a Mediterranean brown recluse. I thought these kind of things only happened in exotic countries but this bastard is everywhere, »11/15/13 10:42am11/15/13 10:42am

Here's what it's like to have a bomb dropped right next to you

If you blink, you're gonna miss it. Hell, even if you're looking right at it, you still might not see it. But you'll definitely feel it. The Aviationist found a video of a Syrian fighter bomber flying overhead and caught it dropping a bomb pretty much right on top of the cameraman. The plane sends flares out at first… »11/01/13 12:02am11/01/13 12:02am

Spectacular rescue of a drowning surfer trying to break a world record

Yesterday, 26-year-old professional surfer Maya Gabeira tried to break the world record for the largest wave ever surfed. That record was set on the same beach—Nazaré, Portugal—by Garret McNamara on January 2013. Unlie McNamara, Maya failed and nearly died in the process. What followed was an spectacular rescue that… »10/29/13 9:26am10/29/13 9:26am

Someone actually made these leggings out of a dead person's skin

Buried in this io9 post about some Halloweenesque fashion is one of the most horrible images I've seen in my entire life: a photo of leggings made out of a real dead male, full with penis skin, which you can see at Strandagaldur, The Museum of Icelandic Sorcery & Witchcraft. Not safe for work or your mental sanity. »10/24/13 11:24am10/24/13 11:24am