Funny photos bring objects to life in hilariously goofy situations

These photos from ErAn Croitoru’s Animated Photography series are awesome because they bring normal objects like alarm clocks, hammers, birthday candles, coffee pots, fruits and other things to life. In each photo that he creates, each item has their own personality and goofy story. It’s clever, creative and just… »4/17/15 4:03pm4/17/15 4:03pm

This haunting bacteria is actually an intricate hand-cut paper sculpture

These images show how a bacteria looks under a microscope. But that doesn't mean Artist Rogan Brown used a microscope obtain them. That would be too easy. Instead, he spent four months cutting sheet after sheet of paper with a scalpel knife and ended up with this insanely intricate and astonishing sculpture. »4/01/15 7:44am4/01/15 7:44am

Watching this guy recreate famous logos by hand is utterly relaxing

When I see British designer and calligraphist Seb Lester work I picture myself sitting quietly next to him just watching him do his job. I'm sure calligraphy is a very relaxing thing to do, this video—where he skillfully recreates famous logos by hand—proves that it's also a mesmerizing thing to watch. »3/31/15 6:47am3/31/15 6:47am

Can you recognize popular brand logos even if they are in Chinese?

A good logo should be easily and universally recognized, even if it were written in Chinese. But sometimes it doesn't work out that way. Chinatown, a project by Mehmet Gozetlik, shows how a famous logo can look both foreign and yet still somehow be recognizable at the same time. It's like getting a glimpse of an… »2/04/15 1:48am2/04/15 1:48am