The most iconic race cars in history captured in beautiful paintings

Tom Havlasek is a painter who is obsessed with motorsports. His large format pieces, all made using acrylic, capture the perfect angles of some of the most iconic race cars in history. I would love to have the Gulf Porsche and any of the cars with Marlboro livery. See if you can identify all of them. » 2/11/15 12:33pm 2/11/15 12:33pm

These clever movie posters are made using only circles

After watching Interstellar and hating it, designer Nick Barclay thought on Hal 9000 and a crazy idea popped into his mind: If a circle can be a main character in a film it could also be the protagonist of a poster. So he decided to make a whole series of famous movie posters using only circles. Check it out: » 2/11/15 7:51am 2/11/15 7:51am

The concept art of Jupiter Ascending is glorious eye candy

"Jupiter Ascending isn't just a mediocre film. It's also self-indulgent, and in love with its own excesses," says Charlie Jane Anders for io9. One of the excesses is the glorious eye candy, which seems to be a constant mental overload. You can thank the genius of George Hull and his baroque concept art for that. » 2/06/15 6:34pm 2/06/15 6:34pm

Can you recognize popular brand logos even if they are in Chinese?

A good logo should be easily and universally recognized, even if it were written in Chinese. But sometimes it doesn't work out that way. Chinatown, a project by Mehmet Gozetlik, shows how a famous logo can look both foreign and yet still somehow be recognizable at the same time. It's like getting a glimpse of an… » 2/04/15 1:48am 2/04/15 1:48am

Expect this kind of giant drone gunship in the next decade

Feast your eyes on the beautiful concept design work of John Liberto. Cruisers, fighters, or mechas, I like all his work. The Osprey-ish drone gunship above really struck me because it feels so real that I can imagine it coming to a war near you in the next decade. The rest of his designs belong to a faraway future. » 2/03/15 12:33pm 2/03/15 12:33pm

All the faces of Ultron: The design evolution of the Avengers' archenemy

Outstanding illustration of the new Ultron on the cover of Empire this week. I remember how fascinated I was the first time I saw Ultron in Avengers. It was issue #162, published in 1977—I saw it much later because it arrived to Spain in the 80s. Here's how artists changed Ultron's appearance through the years: » 1/26/15 3:12pm 1/26/15 3:12pm