Staring into the eyes of these bugs is like staring into an alien's soul

I didn’t expect it to be, but staring straight into the eyes of these fascinating bugs is chilling. The clear, close up shots of their heads and the incredible, foreign detail of their eyes and bodies makes them seem like they’re not a part of this world. I mean, you could totally convince me that these are aliens. » 4/24/15 9:13am Yesterday 9:13am

All the pepperoni that the US eats a year can circle the earth 50 times

Here’s a shocking number that speaks to the USA’s love for meat (and pizza): we eat so much pepperoni per year that if you put the slices side-by-side, they could circle the Earth 50 times over. The fact bit comes from Bill Gates look at Vaclav Smil’s interesting book Should We Eat Meat?. That’s, uh, a lot. » 4/21/15 3:36pm Tuesday 3:36pm

Video: Imagining how beautiful cities would look without light pollution

It’s easy to remember how big the universe is when you can just stare up at the night sky and find an uncountable number of stars and see every color of the cosmos staring right back at you. But it’s not like that anymore. Now we’re surrounded by city lights of our own creation and hiding the rest of the universe… » 4/21/15 2:46pm Tuesday 2:46pm

Video: The fascinating world of kite fighting for sport

All my life, I’ve been flying kites for fun. Little did I know that there was a sport of fighting kites that I could have playing instead! This fascinating short documentary by Victory Journal explores the kite fighters of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and shows how kids and adults participate in the sport. It looks fun and… » 4/21/15 9:10am Tuesday 9:10am

MRI video reveals what it actually looks like when you crack your joints

It's one of the most addictive things humans can do. Everyone does it. And it feels so good when you get to do it. We're talking about cracking your joints. Researchers have alway been curious as to where the sound of joints cracking comes from and put a hand under MRI to find out (and for us to see visualized in real… » 4/16/15 12:29pm 4/16/15 12:29pm

Video: The world's best chef interviews sushi legend Jiro Ono

Rene Redzepi, co-owner and executive chef of Danish restaurant Noma—considered by some the best restaurant in the world—interviews legendary sushi master Jiro Ono over a cup of tea in this utterly interesting video. The conversation is a great lesson about food, life, and how to become a true master. » 4/14/15 6:57am 4/14/15 6:57am

The top 100 tasting beers in the world in one beautiful visualization

Data Looks Dope's Max Einstein made this beautiful chart that shows what the top 100 tasting beers in the world are (according to You won't find (my favorite) big brand, watered-down, beer-flavored swill in the visualization but you will see the best beers broken down by name, ABV and style of beer. » 4/13/15 3:05pm 4/13/15 3:05pm

Inside the fascinating world of a crime scene photographer

Forensic photography is such an important part of solving crimes and getting a behind-the-scenes peek at what goes on throughout the process is so fascinating. Like most photography, forensic photographers utilize light to capture what they need to see. They match different crimes to different light wavelengths to… » 4/10/15 6:40pm 4/10/15 6:40pm

Neat animation shows what European coins looked like before the Euro

The German Mark. Lithuanian Litas. Estonian Kroon. Irish Pound. Slovenian Tolar. Portuguese Escudo. Greek Drachma. Slovak Koruna. Maltese Lira. Finnish Markka. Dutch Guilder. Spanish Peseta. Luxembourgish Franc. Belgian Franc. Italian Lira. Cypriot Pound. Austrian Schilling. French Franc. Latvian Lats. All got… » 4/08/15 7:18pm 4/08/15 7:18pm

A map that shows the signature food from each state in the USA

Playboy has a map that uses data from Reddit to showcase what the signature food item (or alcohol! or drugs!) from each state is. California gets In N Out burger, New York gets bagel love and Texas gets Tex-Mex. That mostly makes sense. But I'm not sure why Nevada gets cheeseburgers and why Colorado and Montana… » 4/08/15 6:26pm 4/08/15 6:26pm

How Captain America got deleted in Avengers--and six other unknown facts

If you're excited for The Avengers: Age of Ultron to come out next month, congratulations and welcome to the human race. It's going to be crazy. But before that superhero spectacle begins, it's always fun to look back at the original movie. Here are some things you didn't know about The Avengers. » 4/07/15 11:02am 4/07/15 11:02am