This Incredible Makeup Transformation Is, Well, Absolutely Incredible

Did anyone else miss the day when girls got good at applying makeup? I must've been out sick when some magical fairies came in and taught us how to apply tangerine bronze to create cheekbones and purple eye liner to make green eyes pop. When I put on those things, I actually look like a jack-o-lantern. And not a cute… »10/14/13 1:30pm10/14/13 1:30pm

The unbelievable makeup transformation of CBS host Julie Chen

Back in 1995, then reporter Julie Chen had surgery to widen her eyes at the behest of her local Ohio TV station's management. Now, as a co-host of CBS' The Talk, she looks like a completely different person. But she didn't had any more surgery, she claims—as this video shows, it's all because of incredible makeup… »9/19/13 9:37am9/19/13 9:37am