Monster 280-pound catfish caught in Italy

Italian sport fishermen Dino Ferrari and his twin brother Dario lured in this monstrous 280-pound (127-kilogram), 8.75-foot-long (2.67 m) catfish on Thursday in the Po Delta, in Italy. After taking these pictures and weighting what the Italian media calls "The Monster of the Po" they released it back into the river. » 2/26/15 7:29am 2/26/15 7:29am

Satellite photo shows giant, monster-like biological shape at Loch Ness

These unbelievable monsters with seven legs are actually real frogs

Brandon Ballengée made these beautiful prints of "terminally deformed frogs found in nature" using a clearing and staining process. He then scanned the bodies with a high resolution scanner. The results are fascinating. » 3/08/14 11:22pm 3/08/14 11:22pm

Deadly Cookii monster discovered in Australia

It's been more than a century since this huge and deadly Crambione Cookii jelly fish was spotted by American scientist Alfred Gainsborough Mayor, off the coast of Queensland. It was presumed extinct until now, when a scuba diver discovered one in the same waters. » 11/22/13 5:18pm 11/22/13 5:18pm

18-foot-long monster fish found near Los Angeles

A marine science instructor has found this gigantic 18-foot-long oarfish—one of the most elusive animals on Earth—in Toyon Bay, 22 miles off the Port of Los Angeles. A horrible beast that, sadly, is too flabby and gooey to eat. » 10/15/13 11:07am 10/15/13 11:07am

Basement Monster Skeleton Discovered By Cable Installer

This skeleton of a dead (?) basement monster was found by a worker installing cable beneath a house, leaving the terrified resident to wonder what kind of goblin lair lies just beneath the floorboards. Is the creature a wild animal? A lost pet? Or is this something science cannot (or will not) explain? » 7/12/13 1:00pm 7/12/13 1:00pm