The four more likely places to host alien life in the Solar System

NASA's astronomy picture of the day is nothing especial today. At least for more people. For me it is special because I like to look at the four moons that tantalize Earth scientists with the possibility of life—four moons that we should explore soon, shown here to scale. So beautiful, they never get old. » 9/19/14 7:10am 9/19/14 7:10am

Humanity's next home may be a habitable moon outside the solar system

Scientists now think that moons orbiting around planets can harbor life under certain conditions. And just by that—even being extremely conservative—the number of celestial bodies capable of sustaining life in the universe may have jumped up by about four trillion. Could one of these habitable moons be our next home? » 9/27/13 2:15am 9/27/13 2:15am