98 famous movie fights in one cool mashup

Watching this cool mashup of 98 famous movie fights totally unleashed my inner teenager. It makes me want to get my old high school friends together for a daylong kung fu movie marathon—in VHS if possible. The only thing that bothered me about the clip is the annoying music. That's one thing I'll never miss about… » 3/30/15 8:18am Today 8:18am

Behind the scenes footage shows how the Interstellar robots were made

Though I understand its problems, I still enjoyed the visual ride that was Interstellar. Still, the best thing about the movie might have been the TARS and CASE moving monolith robot machines. Here's a behind the scenes clip that shows how the practical effects of TARS and CASE were made and how they were controlled… » 3/27/15 3:02pm Friday 3:02pm

The complete visual history of the Walt Disney logo before Disney movies

Ever since the Walt Disney Pictures logo debuted before The Black Cauldron in 1985, Disney has been tweaking and re-styling and creating multiple variations of the iconic magic castle logo that pops up right before its movies. For a while it's a simple 2D logo stamped on a blue background but eventually it turned 3D… » 3/25/15 11:43am Wednesday 11:43am

How many people has Sylvester Stallone killed in his movies?

Here's a fun thought exercise for those who partake in late night debates assisted by junk food and a lifting sense of clarity: which action movie star has killed more people in their movies? Is it Arnold or Sylvester? Stallone or Schwarzenegger? This video totals up all the deaths that Sly is responsible for and we… » 3/24/15 4:13pm Tuesday 4:13pm

7 things you didn't know about the funnest movie series: Fast & Furious

Depending on how fun you are at parties, the Fast & the Furious movie franchise got undeniably fun sometime during the 4th or 5th movie (or 1st for the furiously fast). And then they transformed into awesome heist movies with crazy special effects and a revolving door of big action movie stars. The 7th one is coming… » 3/23/15 7:36pm 3/23/15 7:36pm

Watch these trippy dream sequences from famous movies

Movies are already not real (and often ask you to suspend your disbelief) so when you see a character start dreaming in movies, well, you know things are about to get weird. Here's a supercut of those weird scenes from Dreamscience that features iconic dream sequences from movies like American Beauty, Inception, … » 3/23/15 12:04pm 3/23/15 12:04pm

Up reimagined as a horror movie works surprisingly well

The story of Up works well because it's heartwarming to see an odd couple go on an adventure together in a flying house and run into squirrel addicted dogs. This alternate horror story version of Up also works because it's easy to imagine Carl Fredericksen as an evil monster who takes Russell as his prisoner. » 3/20/15 11:59am 3/20/15 11:59am

How using movement in film might be the most underrated skill in movies

The generous intelligence giver that is Tony Zhou of Every Frame a Painting is back again with another detailed look at the nuance of filmmaking. This time he focuses on master director Akira Kurosawa's use of movement in his films (Seven Samurai, Ran, etc.) and how it can tell a story within a story. » 3/19/15 10:19pm 3/19/15 10:19pm

How that crazy city of Knowhere in Guardians of the Galaxy was made

One of the reasons I enjoyed Guardians of the Galaxy so much was because I got to explore a world in which I had no expectations. Take that crazy city Knowhere, which is inside a giant Celestial head, I didn't even know it existed, let alone know what it "should" look like. Here's the VFX reel showing how the city… » 3/19/15 8:05pm 3/19/15 8:05pm

Map shows the location of popular animated movies across the world

Though most of the real world lives in China and India and other parts of Asia, the fake animated world is almost exclusively set in the USA and Europe. Obviously that's because many popular animation movies are made by Western shops for Western audiences but hey, can the rest of the world get some animated love? » 3/18/15 2:42pm 3/18/15 2:42pm

The Leviathan Is An Awesome Sci-Fi Short About A...Giant Space Whale

Compare a movie's first scene with its last scene, side-by-side

Film editor Jacob T. Swinney put together this interesting edit showing 55 movies side-by-side, putting each film's first scene right next to the final scene. Sometimes you get a story that comes completely full circle, sometimes you get a finished story with coherent imaging and other times you get something else. » 3/16/15 9:17pm 3/16/15 9:17pm

Fast & Furious 7 really freaking did drop cars from a C-130 airplane

The Fast & Furious movie franchise is consistently the most fun anyone can have in a movie theater because the stuff they do is completely ridiculous and borderline insane. Like do you remember that scene from the Furious 7 trailer where they dropped cars from an airplane? That wasn't CGI, that actually happened. » 3/12/15 7:59pm 3/12/15 7:59pm

Side-by-side: The visual similarities between Birdman and Black Swan

Though Black Swan was directed by Darren Aronofsky and Birdman was helmed by Alejandro González Iñárritu, it's pretty easy to see similarities between the two Oscar nominated (Birdman won the Oscar for Best Picture too) films. Miguel Branco noticed the similarities and created this video showing it off side by side. » 3/05/15 9:41pm 3/05/15 9:41pm

The beautiful long shots from films by Paul Thomas Anderson

Paul Thomas Anderson—director of Boogie Nights and There Will Be Blood—is one of the true auteurs in filmmaking today often uses long shots in his films to show how isolated characters are from the rest of the world. It's a neat visual decision, one you can see throughout his movies. » 2/24/15 9:18pm 2/24/15 9:18pm

How Wes Anderson uses red and yellow to paint his movies

When I think of the colors red and yellow together, I think of Big Macs and french fries and chicken nuggets. Yep, I think of McDonald's. But maybe I should think of Wes Anderson movies now. As you can see in this lovely supercut by Rishi Kaneria that shows Anderson's use of color, red and yellow a lot in his films. » 2/24/15 12:19am 2/24/15 12:19am

Oscar winning movies perfectly recreated with just stock footage

Dissolve is back at it again with one of my favorite recurring series: recreating famous movie scenes with just stock footage. This time they focus on Academy Award winning movies and make you guess the film using hints such as 'theme park fail' and 'midlife strife with rose petals'. It's pretty uncanny how close they… » 2/18/15 7:48pm 2/18/15 7:48pm

8-bit video game version of Scarface looks like a killer good time

The best video games you can play are those that let you act like a complete maniac while surrounded by party girls and mountains of drugs and just shoot a lot of people. Basically, the best video game you can play is just playing the plot of Scarface over and over again. CineFix shows its latest 8-bit creation below. » 2/17/15 9:38pm 2/17/15 9:38pm

The past, the present, and the (possible) future of movie trailers

This interesting video by filmmaker Steven Benedict explains the origins and evolution of movie trailers in American cinema. From the first in 1912, for What happens to Mary, to Kubrick's great Dr. Strangelove, or the latest Hollywood blockbuster trailers. » 2/17/15 6:17am 2/17/15 6:17am

Women kicking ass in action movies

The film editing maestro Clara Darko stitched together this perfect montage of actresses in action movies kicking mother freaking ass. I love how each punch or kick or swing of the sword or crossbow shot or anything perfectly blends together from one movie to the next. More ass kicking please! » 2/13/15 7:37pm 2/13/15 7:37pm