Musicless Rihanna music video is just creepily watching her take a bath

I always wonder if it’s possible for the musicless music video series to get any more awkward and the answer is always yes. This one might be tough to top though because Rihanna’s Stay music video with Mikky Ekko basically features her soulfully singing in a bathtub. Without the singing and just the bathtub and man,… »5/28/15 11:34am5/28/15 11:34am


A Vladimir Putin speech without the speech and just sounds is so great

Musicless music videos are always fun to watch so it’s no surprise that speechless speeches are just at great. In fact, they might be even funnier since heads of state are the people that they’re making fun of. Watch this speechless rendition of Putin done up with perfect sound effects for a few giggles. »5/06/15 5:13pm5/06/15 5:13pm

Videoclip without music makes Michael Jackson look like a sex offender

If you strip away all the music from your music video and your talent still shines through and makes the video entertaining as hell to watch, well, you're a music God. Because usually when you axe the music from music videos, they get incredibly awkward. Not with Michael Jackson. His 'The Way You Make Me Feel' music… »3/27/14 12:27am3/27/14 12:27am

A music video of The White Stripes without the music is so awkward

Here's another classic musicless music video by Mario Wienerroither. This time, it's The White Stripes' The Hardest Button to Button that gets stripped of its audio and remixed with empty noises to sound like real life. It's a lot more awkward and a lot less revolution rousing! Like two kids playing for change in a… »3/11/14 10:35pm3/11/14 10:35pm

Watching music videos without the music is pretty damn funny

This is genius. Mario Wienerroither replaces the music from popular music videos with imagined sound effects and noises of what's actually happening in the music video. If you see someone jumping around, you'll hear jumping around and not the song. The result? An awkwardly funny mashup of artists dancing by themselves… »1/28/14 11:11pm1/28/14 11:11pm

More proof that music videos are even more stupid without music in them

YouTube Mikolaj Gackowski keeps making magic happen: Like with Gangman Style, he took the video for Prodigy's Firestarter and extracted the music out of it, adding the corresponding ambient sound effects. The result is hilarious because, let's face it, music videos are kind of ridiculous by definition. »1/13/14 10:15am1/13/14 10:15am