Behind the scenes pictures of a NSFW Playboy photoshoot are so awkward

NSFW. This is NSFW guys. If you don't want to see body parts typical of a Playboy photo shoot, do not click. Anyway. NSFW. Here's a collection of images from photographer Patrick Van Dam's book Playboy Behind The Scenes. It shows how those iconic centerfold sausages are made and how hilariously awkward and unsexy it… »2/21/14 11:57pm2/21/14 11:57pm

New game lets people watch Ellen Page naked from every angle

Perverted nerds and insufferable indie movie lovers everywhere are really excited right now, for someone has discovered a way to watch Ellen Page's totally naked, even changing the camera angle to focus on all her naughty bits. It's not the real Ellen, though, but her virtual body in the new video game Beyond: Two… »10/14/13 3:53pm10/14/13 3:53pm