This San Francisco sunset makes it look like the apocalypse is here

Welcome to our post-apocalyptic world. You can find the last remaining civilization in San Francisco. Or something like that. It's startling how much this simple time lapse of a San Francisco sunset makes it look like nuclear bombs have gone off and destroyed everything we know. But nope, just a normal sunset in the… » 4/02/15 11:45pm 4/02/15 11:45pm

Seeing these people do yoga on a cliff's edge didn't relax me at all

Yoga is supposed to bring peace and spiritual balance and relaxation so obviously it makes complete sense to do it on top of cliffs and on the edge of cliffs and on really thin but really tall rocks, right? The people doing this extreme yoga look completely at ease throughout this stunt but I totally got nervous and… » 3/12/15 6:03pm 3/12/15 6:03pm

Check out the staggering size and beauty of the world's largest cave

Wow. Ryan Deboodt took a drone inside Hang Son Doong in Vietnam, also known as the world's largest cave, and captured stunning footage that shows off a world that looks like no other. You get a sense of the size of the place—the biggest chamber is 3.1 miles long, 660 feet high and 490 feet wide—and you feel its beauty. » 3/11/15 7:03pm 3/11/15 7:03pm

Watch hermit crabs form a line from biggest to smallest to trade shells

This is a clip from an episode of BBC's Life Story and it shows how orderly (and also completely chaotic) hermit crabs can be when it comes to trading homes. They all meet up in front of a shell, line themselves up from biggest to smallest and then trade shells with each other by jumping from one to the next. » 3/04/15 8:28pm 3/04/15 8:28pm

Riding a motorcycle through Southeast Asia is the most beautiful thing

I just came back from a trip around Southeast Asia and did a (very) brief moped ride around Thailand. It was one of the coolest things I've done and it was absolutely beautiful to cruise by and see the greenery set against the backdrop of a perfectly blue sky. But after watching this video, I wish I rode more. Hell, I… » 2/03/15 1:47am 2/03/15 1:47am