Classic paintings recreated using Pantone color chips

British artist Nick Smith recreates classic paintings from Vincent Van Gogh, Warhol, or Rene Magritte, using Pantone color chips. If you look at it up close—clicking on the expand button— you will only see the color chips, but if you step back—or zoom out—you'll see a pixel-art version of the original paintings. »2/03/15 9:35am2/03/15 9:35am

Sensual images of dreamy women are actually incredible oil paintings

Few artists in the world have the perfect command of lighting, color, and oil media technique of Yigal Ozeri. His always sensual and sometimes disturbing hyperrealistic art—which usually focuses on women in dreamy and contemplative states—is simply stunning. Warning: Some paintings are NSFW (nipples shown). »7/14/14 6:34pm7/14/14 6:34pm

John Berkey's space art makes me nostalgic for a future that never was

John Berkey is one of the classic painters of the golden era of science fiction. He did some of the original Star Wars posters, but this is for me his best work: Gigantic deep space exploration ships, beautiful white galactic liners, and huge space posts orbiting Earth and other planets—all of them mixing elegant… »5/14/14 11:21am5/14/14 11:21am