Spectacular Swedish Marines ad mocks US military recruitment ads

You have to give it to those Swedes: Behind those chiseled marble faces with platinum blonde hair and cold steel blue eyes there's a great, almost British sense of humor that takes the piss out of everything. This Swedish marines commercial mocking Hollywood-style US military recruitment ads is a good example. » 10/10/14 2:57pm 10/10/14 2:57pm

Crying baby seal found lost in Swedish city

Some people found a baby seal crying for attention far away from the open sea, in the city of Sundsvall, in eastern Sweden. Apparently, instead of calling some emergency service, they just filmed her with their cellphones. A sad sign of the times, I guess. So eventually she was like "wtf, screw you humans," went back… » 4/12/14 2:00am 4/12/14 2:00am

Coolest band in the world plays with musical instruments made from ice

What's cooler than being cool? Ice cold. Exactly. The Swedish town of Luleå took that saying literally because they formed an incredible ice orchestra called Ice Music that uses musical instruments sculpted from ice—yes, ice—to performs songs inside a concert hall that's basically an igloo. » 2/07/14 12:27am 2/07/14 12:27am

I love when a black wall turns into a dream home on the other side

I want to spend a summer in this simple glass, stone and metal home outside of Stockholm. Villa Överby—by John Robert Nilsson Nilsson Arkitektkontoris a perfect example of my favorite architectural style: the When You Have a Beautiful Landscape, Just Give Me Goddamn Huge Windows style. Very Farnsworthian or Mies van… » 11/23/13 6:49pm 11/23/13 6:49pm

Public Masturbation Declared Legal in Sweden After Landmark Trial

Sweden is now "okay" with public masturbation. On June 6, a 65-year-old man took off his shorts at a beach near Stockholm and began masturbating into the ocean. The man was charged with sexual assault, but was acquitted last week after a judge ruled he was not targeting a specific person. » 9/18/13 12:18pm 9/18/13 12:18pm