Spectacular Swedish Marines ad mocks US military recruitment ads

You have to give it to those Swedes: Behind those chiseled marble faces with platinum blonde hair and cold steel blue eyes there's a great, almost British sense of humor that takes the piss out of everything. This Swedish marines commercial mocking Hollywood-style US military recruitment ads is a good example. »10/10/14 2:57pm10/10/14 2:57pm

I love when a black wall turns into a dream home on the other side

I want to spend a summer in this simple glass, stone and metal home outside of Stockholm. Villa Överby—by John Robert Nilsson Nilsson Arkitektkontoris a perfect example of my favorite architectural style: the When You Have a Beautiful Landscape, Just Give Me Goddamn Huge Windows style. Very Farnsworthian or Mies van… »11/23/13 6:49pm11/23/13 6:49pm