Is this week the worst week in American history?

History buffs might not know this already but it seems as if this week—April 14th to April 20th—might be the worst week in American history. Things like President Lincoln being assassinated, the Bay of Pigs invasion, the Columbine shooting, the Virginia Tech school shooting, the Oklahoma City bombing, the Boston… » 4/15/14 11:53pm Yesterday 11:53pm

Lightning kills three people on a beach, injures 22

Argentina's beaches are getting quite dangerous during the southern hemisphere's summer. 70 people were injured by a swarm of piranhas about two weeks ago and now lightning has killed three teens and injured 22 people in a seaside spa of Villa Gesell, a coastal town in the province of Buenos Aires. Earth can be quite… » 1/09/14 9:40pm 1/09/14 9:40pm

Super typhoon Haiyan just broke all scientific intensity scales

Writing for Quartz, meteorologist Eric Holthaus says that the super typhoon Haiyan about to hit the Philippines is the worst storm he has ever seen. With sustained winds of 190mph (305km/h) and staggering gusts of 230mph (370km/h), its "intensity has actually ticked slightly above the maximum to 8.1 on an 8.0 scale." » 11/08/13 12:25am 11/08/13 12:25am

These are South Korean apartments, not prison cells

There are three kinds of people in South Korea: those who make real money and live in real homes; those who make cents assembling your phones and share a room with six other people; and those lucky ones who make a few dollars and can afford these prison cells that they call "apartments." » 10/02/13 9:11am 10/02/13 9:11am

The most horrible deaths anyone can imagine

Yesterday, a 19-year-old kid died when a remote helicopter partially decapitated him at Calbert Vaux Park, Brooklyn. It seems like a really terrible way to die, but it could have been worse—like literally dying from pain while having your testicles squeezed really hard. What's the worst death you can imagine? » 9/06/13 4:28pm 9/06/13 4:28pm