Insane tower design launches people on an awesome roller coaster loop

This 328-foot (100-meter) structure wasn't the winner of the Çanakkale Antenna contest, a communications tower that will be built in Çanakkale, Turkey. This makes me sad because it looks like a lot more fun to me, even if those glass pods wouldn't move through that loop at roller coaster speeds. » 3/02/14 2:44am 3/02/14 2:44am

Squeezed skyscraper's base is so thin that it seems like it may fall

I love the newly city-approved Beach & Howe Tower in Vancouver, Canada, a gorgeous 54-story apartment building designed by Danish architects Bjarke Ingels Group. It gets extremely thin on its base to avoid a passing highway. From some angles, it looks like it may fall on its side. Enjoy the beautiful pictures. » 11/07/13 10:58am 11/07/13 10:58am