How the old movies and TV series models are being destroyed right now

Watch Kevin Spacey smashing the traditional movies and TV industry models in this convincing speech. Spacey believes in a new model where stories are delivered in bulk—like his House of Cards Netflix series—and the audience decides how and when to watch. » 8/26/13 11:31am 8/26/13 11:31am

This Lego Breaking Bad set is a must have for meth bricks fans

At $250, this special Lego Breaking Bad set is only for die hard collectors. It's not official—Lego doesn't sanction violence or drugs, naturally—but I don't care: it looks great. The only drawback: it doesn't have a Jesse minifig (but has Walter, Gus and Mike.) » 8/12/13 11:15pm 8/12/13 11:15pm