Surgeons attach man's calf to his arm to save his life

Ian McGregor lost his entire leg to a cancerous tumor, but he's lucky to be alive thanks to a weird, never-before-attempted 18-hour surgical procedure: First doctors removed his calf and attached it to his arm to keep it alive during the tumor and leg amputation. Then they used the calf to fix the huge hole that… » 3/01/14 7:46pm 3/01/14 7:46pm

Humans create cat werewolves—and they're very cute and very spooky

I don't know what to think about this. I don't like breeders and I don't like cats, but these spooky lycoi cats are something else. A cat that looks like a werewolf and, according to its Tennessee-based human creators, acts like a dog. I have to admit they are quite cute in their freaky ugliness. Like a reverse evil… » 2/13/14 10:16am 2/13/14 10:16am

What happens when you swap the colors of famous logos?

Graphic designer Paula Rupolo came up with the clever idea to see just how far famous brands and logos have penetrated our brains: she swapped the colors of brands with their closest competitor. The results are so weird: coke is blue, Pepsi is red, Google is purple and Yahoo is colorful. It's like living in some… » 11/07/13 10:16pm 11/07/13 10:16pm

The World's First International Bacon Film Festival is Next Week

Step aside, Cannes. Sundance, you're so 2005. Auf wiedersehen, Berlinale! This year it's all about bacon. The first ever NYC International Bacon Film Festival kicks off at Landmark Sunshine Cinema, October 17th, with a curated selection of bacon-inspired short films. The grand prize? A year's supply of bacon. » 10/10/13 8:25pm 10/10/13 8:25pm

Scientists searching for unknown animals in the South Pacific

The American Museum of Natural History has sent a team of scientists to the Solomon Islands equipped with "high-resolution underwater cameras, a submersible, and an on-board genomic sequencing lab." They are searching for "dragons, living lanterns and other-worldly animals." » 10/02/13 2:03pm 10/02/13 2:03pm