Beautiful woman in bikini turns into Santa Claus in reverse Photoshop

Well played. Ad agency Victors & Spoils poked fun of mass media's tendency to turn normal humans into plastic Barbie and Ken dolls through their abuse of Photoshop by, well, using Photoshop in reverse. That is, they took a viral photo of a girl in a bikini that had been heavily altered and added more alterations to the… » 12/17/13 10:32pm 12/17/13 10:32pm

Watch a woman turn into a flawless magazine model with Photoshop

You can stare at magazines all day and wonder why your body doesn't curve like that and why your butt isn't shaped like that and why your skin doesn't glow like that but you'd only be killing yourself over magic Photoshop fairy dust. Anything we're meant to see is totally fake and this GIF sums up the dramatic changes… » 10/30/13 5:16pm 10/30/13 5:16pm

Answers to '10 Questions Men Are Too Scared to Ask Women'

Question: Why do women get madder and madder as they ponder something irritating and stupid even when there's no point? Because shoes. No really, so, according to Redbook, men are terrified to talk to women, but it's not their fault: Ladies be confusin'. What with the talking and the mysterious food purchases, it's a… » 10/14/13 3:28pm 10/14/13 3:28pm

Science Shows Men and Women Are Both Awful Stereotypes on Facebook

What you're looking at here is the largest analysis of the words we use on Facebook ever undertaken. Look at the words. They are you. If you're a man, you care about "fucking metal fuck girlfriend league wishes." Ladies, you're partial to "shopping excited love cute dress yayyyy." Blame yourself. » 10/02/13 8:15am 10/02/13 8:15am

Women Who Don't Know About Auto Repair Charged More For Auto Repairs

A new study proves that women who don't seem to know much about cars are quoted higher prices for automobile repair than men. But women calling about the hypothetical repair who "indicate they have done research online and know the market rate to replace the radiator" got the same price as men.
» 6/18/13 12:49pm 6/18/13 12:49pm

Large Ladies Angrily Demand Cute Clothes

Why shouldn't "plus size" ladies have the same cute clothes as non-plus-size ladies? There is no reason, that's why. "According to the CDC, the average American woman is 5 foot 4, 167 pounds, and has a 37-inch waist—roughly a size 14. Yet most designer styles top out around size 12," Laura Beck writes on Jezebel. » 6/13/13 3:49pm 6/13/13 3:49pm