Jack Long is a 55-year old photographer from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He's developed an impressive technique for photographing liquid in motion. Using "special devices to fire a precise mixture of water and dyes." After achieving notability, Long is now spilling his secrets.

He captures these images using a camera with an insanely fast shutter speed, special artificial dies and a custom-built machine that sprays the liquids into the shapes he wants. The split-second photos capture "specially-manipulated liquids" and the result is simply gorgeous.


He sets the image up to make it look like it was in a gallery, using pillars and pedestals. He "played on the idea that the liquid was a sculpture." It's taken over three years for Long to perfect his technique.

"I accidentally discovered the unique formation of liquids and I thought I'd push it a bit more. I realized it was completely unique within the world of splash art photography, and I wanted to take it to a new level."

Below are a few of his recent creations.

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