Artist Etienne Lavie had a lightbulb bursting idea: what if all the advertisements we see on a daily basis in the street, on subways and billboards and so forth were replaced with beautiful works of art? Instead of seeing a C-list celeb shilling a sugar drink or a traditionally beautiful faceless model selling strips of underwear fabric, you'd see paintings and murals. The world would look so much more awesome.

I really wish someone went ahead and did this in real life. It'd be street art with a classical twist. Or is it classic art on the streets? In Lavie's project, hilariously named OMG who stole my ads?, he only digitally replaced advertisements around Paris with famous artwork. It still looks like a world I would want to live in.


Actually, maybe we'll keep this genius to ourselves and out of the real world since I can already imagine advertising companies hijacking this idea and pasting art onto their billboards with QR codes and mysterious domains in an attempt to make us buy more jeans.

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