Pornburger is a new site that will make you drool and crave for a delicious atomic burger that would make Godzilla happy. I just want each and everyone of these burgers, like a burger bukkake. I want to stuff my face with them, I want to date them, I want to bathe in them, I want to fall into a food coma with them in my bloodstream and die happily forever more.

The one I really want to have right now is the My Bloody Valentine: "a lamb heart tartare, with an ocean-fresh sardine aioli, earthy beet chips, creamy quail egg, trout roe, and herb salad, meet all of the above credentials. Cupid might be an "ass man," but I aim for the heart." I'm so making this. Calling my butcher tomorrow.

Lobster with mac & cheese bun

Venison patty


Classic lumberjack breakfast piled with buttermilk biscuits

Lamb heart tartare with trout roe (YES!)


Beef patty on shrimp toast


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