This clever art installation shows a CGI animation that's been converted into a real life frame-by-frame depiction of the animation with 3D printing. As in, the artists took the digital animation they had in a video and showed what every frame would look like (all at once) with actual figures. It gets pretty trippy.

So basically what you see happen in the video, you'll see the progression of it in the installation. You'll see the 3D printed character in different poses as he walks across the table, you'll see different positions of the ball as it bounces, different frames of the cup breaking and so on. Job, Joris & Marieke write:

The whole animation is made in CGI, and we used a 3D printer to print each frame. The result is a weird string of characters in different poses. This explains the principles of animation beautifully, without a single bit actually moving. It is a static installation: a frozen movement. If you look closely, you can figure out what happened on that table.

The installation is being shown at the MOVE ON...! exhibition in the Netherlands.

Here's the animation:

And here it is 3D-printed as if you were seeing it frame-by-frame, in real life:

Click here to view this embed.

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