Winter is no fun, especially when it comes too soon or overstays its welcome. How can you make it more enjoyable? By being awesome like Chris Marchand who decided to turn snow into snowlemonade (snowade? water?) by making a beautiful and colorful ice wall fortress in his yard. Look at it. It glows.

Marchand, who posted his winter project on Reddit under the handle UnspeakableFilth, built the fortress in Northwestern Ontario, Canada. He said the daily temperature was -13 degrees Fahrenheit for about 4 weeks. You can't do anything in that type of weather, except build an ice fortress apparently.

Marchand used an 8 liter shoebox with food coloring and water to make about 30 ice bricks a day. To turn the bricks into an actual wall, he would mix snow and water to make a "slush mortar that would freeze solid within minutes". The ice fortress was built on a 25' x 25' lot that looked especially beautiful at night.

It's nice to have an ice wall in winter.



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