I have no doubt that Avengers: Age of Ultron is going to be ridiculously fun and awesomely badass in all the ways that comic book superhero movies should be. But boy, making such a spectacle for a movie leads to some hilarious behind the scenes footage. I mean, check out this 9 minute clip of Avengers 2 and try not to laugh.

It looks like people dressing up in Halloween costumes playing make believe. Which, I guess, isn't too far off from the truth (the people are more beautiful and the costumes more complicated, of course) but really, seeing the behind the scenes footage just reminds me that the true stars of Avengers are the filmmakers and people in post turning these funny clips into seat rumbling action sequences.

Captain America blocking air and getting yanked by something invisible

Thor taking cosplay really, really seriously


Black Widow looking badass and then turning on a tiny flashlight

Scarlet Witch dancing at a music festival


Suitless Iron Man and pre-Hulk working on a class project on a green planet


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