Famous old singer wants HP to pay millions for his namesake penis app

American singer Chubby Checker—known for popularizing the twist dance in 1960—is suing the underpants off HP. The conflict: the Palo Alto multinational corporation published a third-party penis measuring app for their now defunct Palm phones called Chubby Checker.

Chubby Checker (Singer) Can Sue HP Over Chubby Checker (Dick-Measurer)

Remember that time Chubby Checker wanted to sue HP over a penis-measuring WebOS app that was also called "Chubby Checker"? There's more fun to come: ol' Chubs just got the go-ahead to sue the pants off HP.


On Thursday, U.S. District Judge William Alsup ruled that Ernest Evans (ol' Chubs) is well within his rights to ravage HP—specifically the company's now-defunct Palm unit—for trademark infringement. HP tried to get the case dismissed by claiming Checker never actually accused HP of knowing about the infringement in the first place. But now Alsup has now ruled that publishing the app in the first place was enough of a boner to justify the suit.

This should be good. [Reuters]