Here's how to make your resignation as a city councilman as memorable as possible (non-shameful division): write your whole resignation letter in Klingon. Trekkie and former city councilman David Waddell did exactly that, telling his mayor "chaq DaHjaj QaQ jaj paj", which apparently means 'perhaps today is a good day to resign.'

Waddell, who was a city councilman of Indian Trail, North Carolina and was frustrated with runaway development and had questions about the mishandling of public record requests, told the Charlotte Observer that people didn't really know what to think of him so he decided to have "one last laugh" at the board. Yeah, I think he did.

The mayor of Indian Trail however, was not as pleased as Waddell. Mayor Michael Alvarez called the letter childish and an "embarrassment for Indian Trail". CNET thinks Alvarez is missing the point though, as Klingons are "more about action and less about talk". Writing your resignation note in Klingon is effectively saying you're sick of all the jibber jabbering of local government. So while extremely geeky, it's also pretty on point.

Here's the letter:


Top Image Credit: Getty

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