Things are not looking good over the Baltic Sea. Poland has announced that Russian naval and air force activity in the Baltic Sea region is "unprecedented," with Sweden being the most affected country, which have resulted in numerous close encounters. According to the BBC, these are some of the incidents we know about:

  • On Tuesday the Norwegian military said one of its warplanes had a "near miss" with a Russian fighter which had ventured too close, north of Norway
  • The Finnish air force said that there had been "unusually intense" Russian activity over the Baltic Sea and the Gulf of Finland, with most flights involving bombers, fighters and transport planes heading between the Russian mainland and the Kaliningrad enclave, between Lithuania and Poland
  • Nato said on Monday the alliance's jets intercepted Russian planes repeatedly in the Baltic, and reported more than 30 types of Russian military aircraft in the area

The Finnish Air Force's F/A-18 combat jets had to intercept and follow Russian strategic nuclear bombers and fighter planes getting dangerously close to their airspace. Here are the photos they took.


In addition to this, two Royal Netherlands Air Force F-16s based at Malbork in Poland scrambled to intercept two Russian Su-34 Fullback bombers over the Baltic Sea on what is now the second Dutch intercept in the area. They recorded this video:

As oil prices plummet and the covert war in Ukraine continues, Putin wagging his military dick all around the NATO-protected Baltic states is not good at all.


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