Comic-Con Wrap Up: The Shiniest Things We Saw in San Diego!

Going to San Diego Comic-Con is like stepping into an alternate universe, where superheroes and monsters are everywhere. We witnessed enough brilliance in five days to keep us psyched for the next few months. Here's our complete guide to the shiniest things we saw at Comic-Con 2013.

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We saw so many incredible glimpses of upcoming movies at Comic-Con. Including:

Superheroes. Once again, Marvel's cinematic universe dominated Comic-Con, culminating with Joss Whedon unveiling the title of the Avengers sequel. Plus Joss told us why his Ultron saga won't include Ultron's creator in the comics, Hank Pym. Our first glimpse of Guardians of the Galaxy was like Star Wars on crack, not to mention Karen Gillan unveiling her bald head. And we saw a ton of Guardians costumes and props. Tom Hiddleston recruited us as his army, in character as Loki.

We saw footage from Captain America: The Winter Soldier, and star Sebastian Stan explained Bucky's new identity. But don't ask Vin Diesel if he's playing The Vision.

Speaking of Marvel heroes, the first X-Men: Days of Future Past footage was actually super-emotional, and the movie gathered all of the old and new X-Men casts. And Bryan Singer told us how this movie changes everything. Meanwhile, Andrew Garfield drove the crowd nuts by appearing in character as Spider-Man, and we learned that Electro is way more powerful than the wall-crawler.


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But not to be outdone, DC revealed the Man of Steel sequel will feature Batman fighting Superman, in the most dramatic way possible. And Henry Cavill and David S. Goyer told us what to expect from Superman's second outing. Not to mention, we saw Batman in action, in The Lego Movie.


But that wasn't the only superhero film — Kick-Ass 2 debuted an awesome redband trailer, and told us all about supervillain sex toys.

Creatures. We saw the first actual footage of Godzilla, the greatest Kaiju. And we talked to director Gareth Edwards, who told us he wants Godzilla to face other creatures. And the Godzilla Experience included a whole mini-Tokyo, plus some models of the brand new creature. And Edwards also explained the symbolism of giant monsters to us.


We saw how much Caesar has changed in the first Dawn of the Planet of the Apes teaser. And director Matt Reeves and star Andy Serkis told us how this movie fits into the Apes saga.


Antiheroes and Champions. The greatest surprise of Comic-Con might have been the Orc-fighting swordsman in the first teaser for Duncan Jones' Warcraft movie. We also saw our first footage from the Robocop remake. But speaking of futuristic spectacle, the first ten minutes of Terry Gilliam's Zero Theorem might have been the coolest thing we saw overall.

Also, we caught up with Katniss Everdeen, with a brand new Hunger Games: Catching Fire trailer. And we saw how Divergent will try to appeal to Hunger Games fans.

We learned why Simon Pegg is a drunken version of the Doctor from Doctor Who in The World's End. We saw how Frankenstein will fight gargoyles in I, Frankenstein. And Vin Diesel showed us a bloody Riddick trailer, and told us why the new movie had to be R-rated. We also found out from the director how the new RoboCop movie will deal with our anxiety about drone strikes.


Also, we watched Tom Cruise fight aliens, over and over, in Edge of Tomorrow, and saw his new suits. And we were blown away by the space battles in Ender's Game, and learned why Han Solo wouldn't be on board with Harrison Ford's new character. And we saw Jeff Bridges as a grizzled witch-hunter in Seventh Son.


Speaking of unlikely heroes, we also caught a white-knuckle glimpse of Sandra Bullock adrift in space, in Alfonso Cuaron's Gravity.

We saw our first glimpse of the Veronica Mars movie, and learned the first line Kristen Bell spoke during filming.


Just like in the past couple of years, television shows were bigger than ever at Comic-Con, grabbing as much attention and passion as big tentpole movies.


We saw the entire first episode of Joss Whedon's new show Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., and watched the cast talk about it. (Also, we found out what the heck happened to Boyd on Whedon's last show, Dollhouse.)

Doctor Who showed us our first trailer for the 50th anniversary special, and departing star Matt Smith said goodbye to his fans. Game of Thrones reflected on the past season and paid tribute to all the beloved characters who have died. (And Walder Frey told us his plans for a dating show.) We (sort of) learned how Sherlock survived the season-ending cliffhanger, and we learned which clone to watch out for in Orphan Black season two.


The first trailer for Walking Dead season four was just mind-blowing, and the cast told us what's ahead. Plus we talked to the Governor about the brand new "threat" facing the survivors this year. We also saw an intense new True Blood trailer.


A ton of brand new shows screened their entire first episodes this year, besides Agents of S.H.I.EL.D. We saw five pilots and reviewed them all in one go, including Karl Urban's fantastic Almost Human. We were also pretty stoked after watching the Sleepy Hollow pilot. And the producers of The Tomorrow People explained how this show would make mutant teens fresh again.

We saw a revolting teaser for Ron Moore's new show Helix. And Syfy's Mark Stern promised that the channel would be returning to "meaty science fiction themes."

And meanwhile, other returning TV shows promised to come back strong. Arrow showed us a thrilling new trailer. Revolution creator Eric Kripke admitted the show's first one was flawed, and promised a change this fall. Supernatural revealed the massive new challenge facing Castiel. We also learned which DC Universe characters would be appearing on Arrow, and what's the theme of Vampire Diaries' new season.


We saw our first trailer for Haven season four. And we found out whether the dome in Under the Dome is a sentient being.


Once Upon a Time revealed that the Little Mermaid will join the supernatural cast. And our first glimpse of Once Upon a Time in Wonderlandwas actually magical.


Futurama announced it's going out in style — with a Simpsons crossover. And The Legend of Korra showed a stunning trailer, and the producers revealed we'll be spending time with Korra's parents. And we learned why Beware the Batman is focusing on minor villains.

And finally, on the Community panel, returning showrunner Dan Harmon pretty much won the Con with his Iron Man costume. And Danny Pudi told us about life without Troy.



Basically, Comic-Con is like Las Vegas for nerds. Half of what makes the event so amazing is just the people you run into, and the little personal glimpses of your heroes.

We were lucky enough to sit down with George R.R. Martin and Joss Whedon, and we asked both of them some deep questions about creativity and dealing with fans. (When Martin wasn't busy smashing guitars.) And we got together with some of our favorite creators to talk about recent science fiction that will change your life.


A major highlight was seeing Adam Savage confronting a 600-pound mech. And admiring Hailee Steinfeld's nail art. Plus Mondo had some famous artists draw Batman with their eyes closed.

Some of the best parts were where people revealed the truth about their past creations. Like when Ron Moore admitted the humanoid Cylons were just a result of budgetary constraints. Or when Alfonso Cuaron told us the most famous scene in Children of Men was an accident.


We saw some incredibly clever marketing, plus some super-weak promo. We saw so much astonishing cosplay, it kind of blew our minds. Plus we discovered Game of Thrones figures and plushies, and tons of other droolworthy toys. Including Angry Birds Star Wars! And we marveled at some absolutely eye-popping displays on the Comic-Con floor and around town.

And finally, there was also some huge news about comics, weirdly enough for Comic-Con.


Last but not least, check out our complete list of winners and losers from Comic-Con.