What's cooler than being cool? Ice cold. Exactly. The Swedish town of Luleå took that saying literally because they formed an incredible ice orchestra called Ice Music that uses musical instruments sculpted from ice—yes, ice—to performs songs inside a concert hall that's basically an igloo.

Different bands show up to use the icy musical instruments which were made by ice sculpturist Tim Linhart. The detail of his work is pretty incredible and it's nutty that you can get tunes from frozen water (and strings, of course). Music is all around you! Even in the freezing cold. And it is freezing cold as it's 23 degrees Fahrenheit inside the igloo. Here's Linhart at work:

And here's what the igloo looks like during a performance. Packed house!:

If you're curious as to what it all sounds like, here's a video of the band Whiteroom covering Avicii's Hey Brother. The instruments don't have their typical oomph and the crowd looks like they're freezing but this is the sort of silly fun that you'll always remember doing:

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