Crap Air Makes for Fake Tourist Photos in Hong Kong

The pollution in Hong Kong is bad. Real bad. Besides the health risks, it makes the air all hazy. And that sucks for something far less serious: Photo ops.

Just as Bloomberg reports that Hong Kong's air pollution has hit a "very high level" and the city is covered in a blanket of haze, NetEase, one of China's largest web networks, brings word that Hong Kong's scenic bay is now so hazy that tourists who visit it are posing with photos instead.



Hey, at least there are blue skies—even if they are fake.

Hong Kong is taking steps to tackle its pollution problem, which is apparently caused largely by vehicles that aren't up to environmental standards.

香港雾霾严重 内地游客与“假蓝天”合影 [ via @goldkorn via ShanghaiIst]

Photos: Alex Hofford, CFP via and ShanghaiIst

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