In a fun and slightly unusual fashion, the makers of Star Wars: The Force Awakens decided to reveal the names of new characters in the form of throwback trading cards. They look a lot like the playing cards released for the original movie. But they're, well, brand spanking new.

J.J. Abrams and friends leaked the playing cards to Entertainment Weekly. Designed to look like Topps trading cards circa 1977 the new set include stills from clips included in the trailer.

While not all of the cards feature new characters, the ones they do feature are likely the ones you want to know about.

There's BB-8, which is an appropriate-sounding name for a ball droid


The mysterious man in the Storm Trooper outfit is a guy named Finn

Kylo Ren is apparently the new villain with the crazy lightsaber


The concerned-looking lady on the speeder is Rey

Check out the stern X-Wing pilot, Poe Dameron


My personal favorite, however, is the most classic and endlessly awesome of them all: the Millenium Falcon

Check out more of the new trading cards at Entertainment Weekly.

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