Ginger's heartbreaking story: the dog who forgot how to walk

It's hard to believe, but this deformed hairy thing is a dog. Her name is Ginger, a "4-pound, 14-year-old poodle who had been the victim of a hoarding situation." Her hair was so matted that some of her body parts were trapped by it. So much that the poor thing had to learn to walk again after she was groomed at a rescue.


This Dog Was So Matted That She Forgot How To Walk

This week something resembling a small Snuffleupagus arrived at an animal shelter in Denton, TX. Underneath was Ginger, a 4-pound, 14-year-old poodle who had been the victim of a hoarding situation.


According to the Dallas Morning News, her hair was so matted that her paw, ear and foot were all knit together. You can tell from her gait that she certainly had to get used to walking normally again after having spent so long under this matted mess.

The kennel manager told the DMN that, after she was groomed, Ginger was “sniffing and greeting everyone...It was like a bird out of a cage.”

Ginger is currently in foster care but is looking for a permanent home.


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