Abrams sent me their new book Star Wars Storyboards: The Original Trilogy. I've to admit that going through Lucasfilm's original vision in sketch form is a pleasure—even if you are not a Star Wars fan. It's so good that I asked them to give copies to three fortunate Sploid readers.

The book is interesting from purely cinematographic and historical perspectives—this is the first time that Lucasfilm has opened its vaults to have access to this material. It's fascinating stuff.


For Star Wars fans, of course, it's a joy to browse. The book is large enough to appreciate all the detail in the frames. The layout is simple, organized in chronological order and grouped by movie.

It's available for $29.20 in Amazon.

How to get one of the three free books

Like in the contest for Star Wars Frames—won by readers David Painter and Curtis Hart—you only need to do one simple thing:

1. Recommend Sploid to your friends in your Twitter (did I say we have a new Twitter account?) or Facebook feed (here's our Facebook page.)


2. Post a screenshot in the comments right here.

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