Brooklyn-based photographer Zack Seckler took to the skies over Botswana in an ultra, ultra, ultra-light aircraft to take these incredible pics of native wildlife doing its collective thang. From less than 500 feet up, he was able to capture zebras, cows, and vegetation that are so beautifully composed they look like they're part of a painting.

Seckler sent a pic of the teensy two-person plane he rides in with a pilot to get the shots (below). "No doors, no windows, just a windshield. This thing can takeoff or land in only 100 feet of bush runway," he told me in an email. "For the most part, the animals didn't notice us."

Zack Seckler was born in Boston and took to his craft after graduating from Syracuse University in 2003. He later moved to New York City and began a career in photojournalism that took him around the world covering stories for the international media. He eventually found creating the images themselves, rather than documenting them, was far more fulfilling. This move translated to working with commercial clients such as the Gap, Samsung, and Starbucks. His numerous international awards include the Communication Arts Photo Annual three times since 2007, IPA 1st Place in Digital Enhancement 2009 and the PDN Photo Annual 2010. His work can be found in Harper's BAZAAR, Marie Claire andNew York Magazine, to name a few. Today he lives with his wife and young son in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.


The series is currently featured as an exhibition at New York's Robin Rice Gallery, and you can check out more of Seckler's work on his website, Facebook, and Twitter.

This is part of a new series in which we are featuring futuristic, alien-looking or just plain awesome photos of landscapes and cityscapes. If you are a photographer with such work, please drop me a line here.

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