Bloodied wrestler jailed for stabbing murder of girlfriend

A disgraced wrestler led cops on a dangerous car chase until he crashed and was taken to the hospital, where he awaits charges of first degree murder for stabbing his girlfriend. Known as Donovan "The Future" Ruddick, the ex-wrestler allegedly took a knife to 25-year-old Bianca McGaughey, who was killed last night.

Former Pro Wrestler To Be Charged With Murder

Brian McGhee, a wrestler who spent two years in the WWE system, was arrested last night in Tampa in connection with the stabbing death of a woman believed to be his girlfriend.

McGhee, who wrestled as "The Future" Donovan Ruddick in regional territories and as DT Porter in a WWE developmental territory from 2010 until his release in August of last year, led police on a high-speed car chase that ended with him crashing. He was taken to the hospital, and authorities say he will be charged with first-degree murder when he is released.

The stabbing of Bianca McGaughey, 25, took place around 8:30 last night, police said. Soon after, McGhee changed the profile picture on his Facebook page to what appears to be a cut and bloody arm. (Possibly NSFW.) By the time deputies responded to the apartment, McGaughey had died and McGhee had left. His car was later spotted, and police gave pursuit.

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